About me

I’m a trauma-informed South Asian therapist (psychodynamic psychotherapist) with 3 years of experience. In our therapeutic relationship, we’ll be focusing on healing through reflecting on past childhood experiences, relationships with parents, partners, and other family members, and exploring our attachment styles more deeply. Through these reflections, we might find repetitive patterns in our lives across spaces (work, friends, etc) that might have their origin in the past. We’ll delve deeper into the anxiety, depression, or other challenges we have. We’ll do all of this to connect with our deeper unconscious. We’ll develop greater self-awareness, and get in touch with who we truly are. As your therapist, I’ll create a safe and non-judgemental space for you where your real authentic self feels safe to come out and exist.

If you’re a South Asian person living in the West, I understand the unique challenges you may face balancing two different cultures and navigating cultural expectations and family dynamics. Together, we can make sense of the constant push and pull that happens, the grey areas you might be in, and gain clarity about what your values are as a person inheriting two cultures.

Through reflection and exploration, we can work together to heal past wounds and build a brighter future.

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Email: mehak.ahmed67@gmail.com
Instagram: @reflectionisland

Education Qualification:
MA Psychosocial Clinical Studies (MA Psychology), Ambedkar University, Delhi

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Prescribe Medication: No

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Young People
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Relationship issues, Depression, Anxiety, Family Issues, Deeper Self-Awareness, Trauma