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What is Intergenerational Trauma?

As I sit down to write this in front of my blank page, I am noticing a hesitation. It is a feeling of anxiety creeping in to take centre stage in my thoughts. Why does thinking about generational trauma make..

What Boundaries? When culture clashes with self-care

Our boundaries are our own personal roadmap to feeling safe and secure. When we explain them to others, they are shown the areas of us that they can have access to, and the areas that are prohibited. Sometimes our family..

My journey with setting boundaries 

During the first lockdown, nearly two years ago, I wrote this piece for Expert by Experience about the reality of boundaries in South Asian homes as a young woman. Since then, I have been on a journey of trying to..

Anxious Attachment Style Relationships Impact on Money

When we think about money management, what comes to mind? Budgets, spreadsheets, cold hard numbers right? But we need to go deeper, we need to understand WHY we’re showing up with money the way we are today. As a daughter..

How am I feeling? Hiding Depression When South Asian

Keeping up with appearances is very important in South Asian culture. This means that for many of us, it can be instinctive to appear fine, even when we are not. We may have all the markers of someone who is..

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