About South Asian Therapist

About Us

southasiantherapists.org was founded by Raj Khaira. Raj is the founder of the Pink Ladoo Project, the globally acclaimed award winning campaign changing social norms by inspiring South Asians to celebrate girls’ births. The campaign has attracted tens of thousands of followers in South Asian communities across the UK, Canada, the US and Australia. It has rapidly become one of the most prominent feminist movements for South Asian women. 

She is the author of the best-selling book ‘Stories for South Asian Supergirls’ which was selected by the Guardian and the Times as children’s book of the month and week respectively. Her next book will release with Bonnier Books in Autumn 2020. 

More About Us

“I started southasiantherapists.org after seeing a rise in the number of distressed messages we were getting at Pink Ladoo. We put a call out for therapists, in the hope that we would have a small list to refer our followers to. Well, in the first 3 days over 300 therapists replied. We felt obliged to do something responsible with that data and make sure that it could benefit and be accessed by as many people as possible. Thus, the directory was born.

I’m a therapy go-er and have been since I was a young child. I’m grateful for the ways in which therapy has improved my life and mental well-being. 

Deciding to go to therapy takes courage. I’ve had many friends over the years say they got close to going to therapy but gave up when they couldn’t find a brown therapist. I want to make the step of finding the right therapist as easy as possible and this directory is my way of trying to simplify that process for you.” – Raj