What is Therapy?

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When is the right time for therapy?

Far to often we find individuals not believing their experience is serious enough to reach out for help and support. However, the type of support available from therapy can benefit them by allowing them to be aware of the world they live in. The right time for therapy is when you feel comfortable with dealing with trauma and or experiences that are having a negative impact on your life. 

Talking Therapy

The type of therapy we work with here at South Asian Therapist is all about talking. Individuals sit down and express their feelings and emotional difficulties with their trained therapist. This can be online therapy or face to face therapy, where you can discuss anything from anxiety, relationships as well as addiction for example.

Why South Asian Therapist?

Here at South Asian Therapist we provide a directory of well trained therapist to help you. Allowing you to express your thoughts and understand your feelings. 

View our full directory of therapist here.

How can therapy help you


If you’re feeling anxious and its having an impact in your daily life. 

Struggling to cope

Feeling as though you can’t cope with the daily stresses of life.

Stress or stress recovery

Stressful situations are taxing on the mind and body, expressing this can help deal with these stresses.

Confidence or Shyness

If your lack of confidence or shyness is holding you back in life.


Abuse can have a lasting effect on the mind and body, expressing feelings and thoughts can help overcome this effect.

Depression and sadness

Feeling sadness and/or depression can be normal, but if it starts effect your life drastically it can help to talk to a qualified therapist.

Mood swings

Mood swings that impact yours and others daily lives.

Building and sustaining relationships

If you’re finding it difficult to make or sustain relationships, or repeatedly becoming involved in unsatisfying or destructive relationships.

Sexual Problems

Sexual problems can often be a sign of other more mental health based problems that may need addressing.

Bereavement, divorce or unemployment

If you’re struggling to deal with the factors above therapy can help over come these.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders can have a major impact on daily lives and should be addressed.


Self-harm is often a sign of a deeper more serious mental health problem.

Obsessive behaviour

Therapy can help you let go and feel more comfortable with having less control.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks and phobias can be crippling, coming to terms with these can help.

The benefits of therapy

Therapy can help with the lasting impact of trauma and the effect this has on the mind and body. When stressful events happen within an individuals life it can have a lasting impact making them feel helpless or vulnerable. Working with a therapist on what has happen within their life is step to improving that aspect. Focusing more on compassion, listening and understanding, instead of making a diagnosis.

Therapy is a powerful tool that can have life changing effects. Improving mental health, social situations and emotional challenges to allow you to reach full potential. A trained therapist can provide the benefits of:

  • Improve your feelings and allow you to process them more effectively.
  • Allow you to look deep into the issues you may face in your daily life.
  • Express yourself in a private environment with confidence in openly expressing your thoughts and feelings.
  • Improve how you cope with feelings and fears.
  • Optimise how you think and behave around your mental health.
  • Help deal with both psychical and mental traumas.
  • Tolerate others and yourself in difficult situations through communication.

Types of therapy

All of our therapist have set skills and qualifications to help support you. This can range from everything from depression, anxiety or trauma for example. Let’s look at how therapy can help with this support on our How Does Therapy Work page.

How does Therapy work?

Therapy allows you to explore your issues and concerns with a train therapist. Different therapist can support you in different ways, all depending on the type of therapy you need and the issues or concerns you have. The main process of therapy is that you talk openly and honestly about your feelings, behaviours and thoughts. Your therapist will have exercises and tools a to help you with these. The goal is not to instruct you, but to help you change your prospective.

More detail about types of therapy

Therapy isn’t a simple one size fits all, each and everyone of us is different with different needs and history. Our therapist are focused on tailoring solutions towards you. Let’s look into how this is done in more detail in the Types of Talk Therapy page.

The history of therapy

Therapy has existed in many different cultures around the world in different iterations for a long time. However, therapy as we know now, the goal of healing the mind was developed in Europe in the 19th Century.

Wilhelm Wundt

Wilhelm Wundt was a German philosopher, he opened a laboratory focusing on psychology in 1879. Within a decade, Sigmund Freud began using hypnosis and talking therapy for people with nervous and brain disorders.

Therapy today

History has had an influence on how we cope and manage mental health issues and concerns. We now understand so much more about the human mind and therapist can tailor their approach to help improve issues and concerns.

Using South Asian Therapist

We have a huge range of both male and female therapist available throughout the world. Look through our list of therapist using our directory page here.

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