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When we face difficulties, it can be helpful to organize our thoughts and feelings and understand our behaviors in order to facilitate meaningful change. Whether you are going through a life transition, navigating difficulties related to past traumas, enduring interpersonal difficulties, experiencing a loss, suffering from mental health symptoms, or in need of some support, it can be helpful to work with a mental health professional. As a licensed psychologist I look at my clients within a context of their environment, culture, values, and goals. I have worked with diverse adults experiencing various stressors that interefere with their everyday life with the goal of improving daily living. When working with clients, I used a strength-based approach and acknowledge that you are the expert. I work to validate your experience, while also encouraging you to change in a way that is more adaptive and allows for you to improve your everyday life.

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 11401

License State/Territory: Massachusetts

Years in Practice: 10

Insurance Plans: Blue Cross Blue Shield and Out of Network

Prescribe Medication: No

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