About me

Taran is a Self-Love/Worth Mentor & Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) living out her mission and purpose to support thousands of WOC (Women of Color) to release crippling self-doubt, increase their self-worth, and manifest their dream life.

Taran has been in the personal development industry for the past 11 years. Alongside her 3 years of counselor training, she studied somatic experience for trauma healing and development trauma. She also graduated from 3 different yoga teacher training focused on trauma & mindfulness. She’s done communication training such as circling, and non-violent communication. She uses a combination of traditional counseling theories such as Family System Theory, Gestalt Theory with other not traditional theories such as Innerchild and shadow integration. In her client sessions, she uses visualization and meditations to cultivate a deeper sense of inner connection.

In her search to heal from 18 years of unprocessed grief, abandonment trauma, and identity crises as a first-generation Indo-Canadian, that no amount of “knowledge” she picked up school books or self-help books created a ripple effect of lasting change in her mental health. She found her healing, in connection with others that saw her and understood her. Once she experienced unconditional acceptance by others, she then found self-love tools that helped her cultivate that level of unconditional love for herself.

Now she teaches women with trauma, and anxious/avoidant attachment styles to create inner confidence, self-trust and worthiness so that they can manifest their dream life, and attract situations that they deserve.

I invite you to Rise in Love with yourself:
-To experience long lasting peace that comes from self-love. (hello acceptance)
-To experience your unique gifts that is hidden behind your shadows. (hello authentic self!)
-To invite relationships and situations that you truly deserve! and the skills to keep one. (hello good ol’ friend trust & communication)
-To call in the manifestations of your dreams. (hello self-worth)
-To live life filled with more connection, and pleasure. (hello good feelings)

Now is the best time to respectfully say goodbye to:
-Self-doubt, shame and low confidence that keeps you staying small (bye fear)
-Putting your needs last, and poor boundaries (bye distractions & hi priorities )
-Imposter syndrome that won’t let you step into your calling (bye perfectionism)
-Letting others’ expectations determine your own worthiness and values (bye confusion)
-Looping in the same patterns that makes trusting yourself impossible (bye victimhood)
-Letting emotions and reactions ruin your relationships (bye old trauma)

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 2723

License Province/Territory: BC

Years in Practice: 1

Additional Credentials:

Ayurvedic Massage Practitioner

Insurance Plans: Canada

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Young People
Session Types
In Person

Low Self-Worth & Low Confidence
Race Identity
Family Relationships
Development Trauma
Stress & Anxiety
Manifestation and Abundance Mindset Mindset training

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