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As a South Indian, I understand the many facets of pressure to perform well academically and to follow the rules from well-meaning parents. It can be difficult to live your life pursuing your own goals and values while pleasing your family of origin even as an adult. This can cause stress both for yourself and within your relationships. Trying to assimilate in this country while holding onto your Indian culture can be a challenge. I have worked extensively with physicians and other medical professionals.  I completed my internship in a university setting and worked in higher education, career counseling, and testing/assessment prior to starting my journey in private practice.

Parenthood brings a lot of uncertainty and little to no control which can be so difficult to accept. I understand the many joys and stresses of parenthood both personally and professionally. The family unit is a system so each person effects the other. Many South Asian parents have to juggle the needs of their children, themselves, and their aging parents, often all living within the same house.

My goal is to help you come up with potential solutions to issues in a collaborative way. I am a certified integrative medicine therapist and believe an integrative approach to mental health is important . Each treatment plan is highly individualized. I want therapy to be a place in which you can talk about issues openly and without reservation in a safe space.

My parents were born and raised in India. I lived both in India and the United States during my childhood which gives me a unique perspective. I spoke three languages as a child and found myself constantly trying to assimilate into both cultures. It wasn’t always easy but those struggles have given me me so much understanding of my client’s struggles.

Currently, I am offering secure HIPAA-compliant video sessions in the state of Ohio. Please email me directly to schedule an intake session or a complimentary 15 minute consultation at stephanie@mindhealthohio.com.

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License Number: C.1902080

License State/Territory: Ohio

Years in Practice: 8

Prescribe Medication: No

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