About me

I wonder what’s bringing you to consider therapy? Are you hoping to (re)solve, process or understand something? Let’s talk and work it through!

For 5+ years, I have been providing therapy for individuals (18+) in the UK and internationally. I have a background and worked in related fields for 10+ years. As a relational integrative counsellor, I use and combine elements from a wide range of contemporary and traditional therapy approaches including attachment theory, body mind connection (nervous system – regulation), psychodynamic theory, and trauma informed techniques.

In my sessions we include identity, family and wider systems, how you view and relate to yourself and what these aspects currently mean in your life, world and community. I want to understand how do you function, what is your go to coping mechanism, internalised messages you carry, how has your upbringing and life experiences shaped you etc. This helps me to adapt and tailor the sessions completely to you and for us to work on what you want from the sessions.

I consciously cultivate and provide a private, non-judgemental, open space for you to feel comfortable, heard and able to talk about what is needed. I listen to what we sometimes can’t find words for but feel. Connecting to a deeper sense of what you may be contending with and who you are. Many of my clients struggle with overwhelm, shame, not feeling good enough, disconnection and wanting to understand who they really are. There is often a desire to feel joy more freely and to be themselves. This frequently comes in the context of cultural identity with gender and family dynamics.

Some of my clients come in due to stresses in work, family obligations/conflict or life circumstances and feeling the pressure to do things right and perfectly. But not being able to keep up or the right way isn’t feeling right anymore. Often feeling broken, confused, overwhelmed and wondering why they can’t just “get it together”.

My intention will always be to keep your goals for therapy in mind and for us to discover resources alongside your sessions, to cultivate your inner resilience, strengths, curiousity and compassion. To move from a place of stuck-ness, stress or struggle to choice and flexibility.

I understand beginning therapy can be daunting. Meeting for our first session, allows us to see how we would feel working together and give space to discuss your ideas and expectations for the therapy. Have a look at my website for more info and if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me.

Qualifications & Practice Details

Member: BACP (379575) and UKCP (2011175113)


Bsc in Psychology

Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling Diploma at The Minster Centre

Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling at The Minster Centre affiliated with Middlesex University London

Currently completing a diploma in Psychosexual and Couple's therapy

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Session Types
In Person
  • Family and intergenerational patterns/issues
  • Cultural and religious expectations and obligations
  • Guilt and shame
  • De-tangling from the secrecy, dysfunction and difficult relationship/family/work dynamics
  • Existence issues around including not being wanted prior to and post birth
  • Abuse, violence and neglect
  • Being a carer/main provider/emotional support
  • Being able to make own decisions, become more independent and find who you are beyond expectation
  • Obligation vs want to and finding desire
  • Narcissistic behaviours/family members
  • Low self esteem, confidence, lack of self trust
  • "People pleasing" behaviours and ways of being
  • Building self care and compassion
  • Sexual and/or other violence and neglect
  • Work anxiety and overwhelm
  • General overwhelm, fear and stress
  • Identity exploration
  • Loss
  • Depression
  • Relationships and issues (sibling, friends, work, partners etc)

The above are broad brush strokes of what I have had years directly working with, however I do work with and have background/experience with other aspects of life, people and issues too. Please contact me for more info.