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HEALING IS A HOLISTIC, COLLABORATIVE EFFORT and although you are the expert on your own story and trauma, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do it alone.

HEALING ISN’T AN END-POINT BUT A PROCESS that needs to be revisited continually, and I am committed to being right by your side as we navigate the complex emotional landscapes of your experiences. I am a believer in spirituality and science and I find that certain truths are universal regardless of how we get there.

HUMANS ARE REMARKABLY RESILIENT and we have an infinite capacity to confront hardships head-on and move towards a more fulfilled and peaceful life given the right support and mental frameworks.

MINDFULNESS TOOLS AND MEDITATION can help us step away from the regrets of our past and the fears of our futures by bringing present-moment consciousness to everyday life. As a third-culture kid, I am passionate about working with folks who are navigating identity issues, facing acculturation stress, or striving to belong in any facet of life. If we are an amalgamation of all the experiences we’ve had – then the cultures we grew up in, the family systems we accepted and the languages we speak are all part of a bigger understanding of ourselves, and ultimately how we heal.

TOGETHER WE WILL FACE THE BEAUTIFUL CHALLENGE THAT IS HEALING. It will require challenging existing thought patterns, deeply embedded societal ideas, and internalized biases. Allowing ourselves to feel what we feel while still being able to question why we feel those things is a powerful tool to come one step closer to a truer, more compassionate version of ourselves.

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