About me

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with experience in a variety of settings. My clinical focus includes grief, systemic oppression, religion, identity, and trauma amongst many. I believe that grief is not a linear process and that we are not meant to grieve alone. I hope to be able to integrate the reality of your loss into your life. I believe that the relationship with your loved one can remain strong. I practice from a decolonial, feminist and relational lens and am committed to advocating for those who feel othered by their identities. As a person of color and an immigrant, I have felt the strain of acculturative stress and systemic injustice. I believe that the current framework of “mental illness” tells us that we are the problem. You are not the problem. I hope to liberate your suffering by enhancing your inherent worthiness and access to support and communities that make you feel safe and authentic (rather than wrong or deficient).

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 31326

License State/Territory: California and New Jersey

Additional Credentials:

Licensed to practice in California and in New Jersey.

Prescribe Medication: No

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Grief, relationships, trauma, identity, spirituality, religion, life transitions, depression, systemic oppression, Muslim mental health.