About me

I approach counseling from a collaborative, strength-based perspective, capitalizing on my clients’ inner resources and untapped powers to create desired changes. I like helping those who grew up in challenging environments break free of the structures those experiences left imprinted upon their minds and hearts. I want to help you focus compassionately on your inner experience to maximize your self-understanding, honor your core values and desires, act in alignment with your authentic self, and live in the present moment. I honor the importance of your personal relationships while helping you navigate them skillfully, with fresh perspectives and clarity of your own needs, wants, and boundaries.

I combine Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, CBT, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, and Solution-focused work, tailoring my approach to what is most helpful to each client in the moment. My clients often report that they are surprised at their ease in going in-depth so quickly after we start working together, how comfortable they feel being themselves, and how efficiently they reach their goals. I enjoy using humor as we co-create novel experiences together; experiencing novelty in an open environment helps get you out of your outdated patterns and explore new ways of being, thinking, feeling, and choosing.

I love teaching mindfulness to my clients. Utilizing mindfulness skills is an important component of emotional intelligence, reduces stress on the nervous system, and increases resilience. In session, we may practice mindfulness while exploring emotions, sensations, and thoughts in your present moment. Using mindful attention, we’ll heal and release root stresses and outdated belief systems that have been hindering your growth.

Through our work together, you will become more connected to yourself, other human beings, and your environment. I always welcome others to explore their individual spirituality, and believe it is spirituality that ultimately drives us and sets the foundation for individual expression.

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 86454

License State/Territory: TX

Insurance Plans: All plans with out of network benefits for outpatient mental health

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Older Adults
Session Types
In Person

Trauma & PTSD
Transitions (life, identity, employment)                                                                                                                   Cultural Identity and Family of Origin Difficulties
Self-esteem & self-concept
Navigating interpersonal relationships
Communicating needs & boundaries
Mindfulness coaching
Mood regulation and coping
Addictive behaviors
Eating disorders
Athletes and performers
Entrepreneurs & business owners
First responders

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