About me

I am an Integrative Arts Therapist accredited by the HCPC, UK working exclusively online with clients from all over the world. I and have successfully worked with individuals and groups in the Statutory and non Statutory Sector, Higher Education and in private settings. I specialise in online therapy with adults and younger people. My background as a TCK (Third Culture Kid) and living as a Digital Nomad/Slowmad (travel permitting) has allowed me to hone my practice to help people from multicultural backgrounds and in particular, from the South Asian Diaspora.

What about you?

There are many reasons that bring people to therapy. An ongoing issue or past history which is now becoming too difficult to manage. A sudden traumatic loss or incident which has affected you profoundly or perhaps overwhelming feelings which are now negatively impacting areas of your life and relationships. Or maybe you’re feeling stuck or lost in a cycle of negativity which you cannot find a way out of.

Whatever has brought you here, things are harder to manage and you want something to be different, to let go of what is causing you difficulties, and to improve and change your quality of life and relationships.

You may have a supportive network of family and friends, however, talking openly about more difficult things may be very hard to do with the potential stigma surrounding mental health and wellbeing. You may have fears of burdening others, being judged or worse, being misunderstood and told to just ‘get over it’.

Whatever it is, you do not need to deal with your difficult feelings alone and help is available. Finding a therapist who you feel comfortable to talk to is the number one indicator of a successful outcome in therapy, so take your time to find someone you feel is a right fit.

How I work:

Psychotherapy provides a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to process your thoughts and feelings about particular areas in your life that may be distressing or causing you problems.

I believe that each person’s lived experience is unique. By developing a shared understanding of your experiences, therapy can help you to make sense of your feelings and recognise patterns and behaviours that have built up over time.  This can enable you to see your difficulties and challenges in a more manageable way.

I work in an integrative therapeutic way which means that I believe one size does not fit all.

Your needs will be unique to you and I work to find suitably supportive interventions and enough appropriate challenge to help you along your path of self discovery, healing and change.

Sometimes words fail us and I may invite you to use the arts and metaphors and explore experimenting with imagery or imagination. These are proven to provide deeper insight and provide alternative perspectives and views, especially when it is hard to find the words for challenging feelings and material.

You might be thinking “The Arts? But I can’t draw”… That’s fine, you aren’t expected to. Do you watch movies, go to the theatre, listen to music and maybe even write poetry? Then you engage with the arts in some way shape or form, and we may use some form of creativity to facilitate the therapeutic process if you so wish.

Online Therapy:

I’ve been working online long enough to know that distance does not need to be a barrier to getting effective therapeutic support.

Having sessions online from the comfort of your home can be the start of small steps on a path of potential great change. Through the process of this journey of self discovery, we can explore the origins of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and find ways forward in a co-created, non-directive way to help you live a life that you want and deserve.

I hope you stay safe during this pandemic and look forward to hearing from you to see if I’m the right therapist to help.

Qualifications & Practice Details

Member: HCPC


Integrative Arts Psychotherapy

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Young People
Older Adults
Session Types

·       Abuse

·       Addiction(s)

·       Anger management

·       Anxiety

·       Attachment disorders

·       Bereavement and Loss

·       Bullying or Harassment

·       Career counselling

·       Childhood related issues

·       Culture shock

·       Depression

·       Divorce

·       Eating disorders

·       Eco-Anxiety

·       Family conflict

·       Isolation and Loneliness

·       Low self esteem

·       Panic attacks

·       Personality disorders

·       Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

·       Psychological impact of physical illness

·       Relationship issues

·       Self-harm

·       Stress

·       Study related difficulties

·       Suicidal thoughts

·       Transitions

·       Trauma

·       Work-related stress