About me


My name is Shireen and I am an accredited and qualified psychotherapist and certified couples counsellor. Through the years I have worked with groups of very vulnerable and homeless client base. My training has led me to work with clients who have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia at the Maudsley and I  have volunteered as a counsellor for the Islington Mind Psychosis Therapy project. I am currently working with ethnic heritage families in the foster care system. This is in addition to my work in private practise.

I have overall 20 years experience of working with clients. My therapist career has led my work to explore the influences and impacts of  culture, religions, race, identity, tradition and migration within the South Asian community. I have experience of working with a wide age range of clientele from the community.

My Approach

There are times that we all need a place where you can feel safe and not judged to speak to be listened to with compassion and empathy.I do my best to provide a space where you feel listened to and safe to speak openly and freely about what you are going through. Together we explore your situation in a way that lets you to find fresh perspectives and an insight into what you are going through. Counselling and Psychotherapy is a journey to empower and support you to find the resources within you to make the transformation you need to make in your life.

I have experience of helping clients overcome anxiety, depression, panic attacks, trauma, relationship issues, bereavement, childhood trauma, cultural identity crisis, intergenerational trauma,  intercultural/interfaith marriage/relationships, marriage/couple counselling and relationship issues with parents or siblings

As well as talking in sessions I may every now and again ask you about your dreams, which allows us another perspective into your unconscious. There are times where I may leave you to think about what we have been discussing in the counselling session outside of the therapy room. Thus, enabling you to take the work we are doing outside the counselling space.

I may suggest some practical counselling tools you can apply to manage your symptoms. I am open for you to bring texts, dreams, art, drawings, books or other creative themes that signify something to you and that we can talk about in our therapy work together.

My approach is influenced by my

  • my clinical training and my own personal psychotherapeutic journey.
  • 20 years working with clients suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, mixed cultural marriages, attachment trauma, racism, migration, relationship issues, cultural identity issues, marital problems
  •  working within a diverse community including South Asian ethnic heritage groups.

You don’t have to suffer from mental health to seek help from a counsellor. At times you feel lost or question things and need a place to talk and explore what’s happening in your life.


Sessions are usually 50 minutes long. Therapy sessions are weekly but if i feel we may need more sessions per week i will suggest this to you
I am usually asked the question how long will the therapy last? This is usually based on the client’s needs.
Psychotherapy is usually a treatment that focuses on and gaining insight into bringing forth underlying causes of emotional distress and symptoms. i offer long term or short term therapy dependant on your need.

My therapy services are tailored for each client to combine personal meetings online and/or phone session and maintain regular contact and to ensure continuity of your therapy I offer sessions by phone, Zoom and in person. If you want to have a chat with me and get a feel of working with me you can book a free 20 minute phone or Zoom session. Feel free to call me on 0203 488 4231 to book a free consultation. If I don’t answer please leave a voicemail and i will do my best to get back to you within 48 hours.

  • I  usually keep some spaces available for low cost fees paying clients so do feel free to ask me when you contact me


Qualifications & Practice Details

Member: UKCP

Additional Credentials:

Psychology BSc(Hons)

MA in Psychoanalysis

Clinical training in Psychotherapy

Certified and Qualified Couples Counsellor

Safe Guarding level 3

Enhanced DBS


Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Young People
Older Adults
Session Types
In Person


Panic Attacks

Couples counselling






Intercultural Relationships/marriages

Relationship issues