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*Please note that all sessions are currently being held virtually, in order to protect our collective health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, until further notice*

I am unfortunately unable to accept new clients at the current time. I do maintain an active waitlist, so please contact me if you’d like to be added to it. 

I identify as a Mangalorean woman (she/her/hers) with roots in many countries in the Indian diaspora. I work as social work professor and practitioner, dedicated to creating more equitable, anti-oppressive, and justice-oriented spaces for your expression of freedom and healing. My work with clients combines 20 years of clinical trauma treatment and 12 years of radical teaching experience. My goal is to facilitate your understanding of yourself in your own life, to position yourself with regard to your ethnicity, race, gender, class, religion, and other significant identities you hold, so that you can live your life with greater peace and balance, in whichever environmental context you live in. As South Asian people, we come from varied histories of trauma and immigration/migration, and have experienced oppression and marginalization related to White supremacy, colonization, casteism, racism, patriarchy, and classism in the countries in which we live. Often we live through these experiences but don’t always realize the connection between who we are, who we have been, and our daily functioning.

My areas of expertise include working with developmental and embodied trauma in children and adults, working with intergenerational issues relating to family of origin, immigration and acculturation, and any of the ways in which these experiences can show up and disrupt your daily life and relationships (symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood, stress, personality disorders, as well as trauma responses like rigidity, all or nothing thinking, self-sacrifice and self-sabotage). As complex as we all are, I know how difficult it can be to seek help, and how worthwhile an effort it is, to find someone who is culturally, intellectually, and emotionally a good fit to support your healing.

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License Number: 149011632

License State/Territory: Illinois

Years in Practice: 20

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Prescribe Medication: No

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Children, Youth, and Adults

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