About me

I’m Sanna Khoja, a licensed professional counselor based in Houston, TX, specializing in helping anxious perfectionists break free from the weight of life’s worries and pressures. My focus is guiding individuals to release unrealistic expectations, allowing them to lead lives aligned with their values.

Clients working with me not only find relief from anxiety but also witness improvements in their relationships, work or school performance, and an increased sense of self-confidence. With diverse experience in various settings, I provide individualized treatment tailored to your needs, specializing in anxiety, OCD, and trauma.

In our sessions, typically once or twice weekly or biweekly, we dive straight into anxiety relief from the very first meeting. My approach is casual, compassionate, and directive. As your therapist, my goals include helping you understand your symptoms, acquire skills to ground and calm your body and mind, and tap into the supportive resources within yourself and your environment to create the life you desire.

Together, we’ll explore the origins of your concerns, shedding light on how anxieties and depression were formed. We’ll work on grounding techniques through mindfulness and restructuring thinking patterns (yes, expect some homework!). Addressing generational patterns and trauma, I employ effective somatic brain-based tools to help you heal emotional wounds.

I want you to leave with the tools needed to live a full life. If you’re ready to stop avoiding your worries and take control of anxiety, reach out to me for a complimentary 15-minute consultation.


Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 78266

License State/Territory: Texas

Additional Credentials:

Licensed Professional Counselor

Insurance Plans: United States

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Session Types



Trauma (childhood emotional neglect, abuse, racism, natural disasters, injuries, relational issues, etc.)


Stress Management




Somatic Psychotherapy:


Brainspotting (Also available with coaching)

Parts Work

Flash Technique (Four Blinks)