About me

I am Sana and I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying).  I believe in normalizing struggles with mental health and removing the taboo associated with it in our culture. Growing up, we were not equipped with the skills to cope with the current world’s problems, and we often find ourselves overwhelmed, anxious, and helpless in situations be it work, our relationships, or parenting.

The generational gap we had/have with our parents is phenomenal, more so when we throw immigration in the mix. Finding a balance between our identity, family, and our cultural roots is extremely challenging. As Immigrants, or children of Immigrants we have to find unique ways to navigate the world we find ourselves in. It is important to acknowledge the impact of it on mental health in the South Asian community in the West.  This impact often results in self-doubt, deteriorating self-worth, loss of control, depression, and a host of other struggles.

As an Immigrant myself, I understand the various challenges faced by people and have lived experience of facing similar issues and overcoming them. As a working parent, I also understand how hard it is to juggle between jobs, kids, parents, and all other responsibilities. Living in an individualistic society with a collectivist family/culture can be tough.

Life is hard, and you can make it better by learning the coping skills to deal with challenges and hardships.  In my work, I help people overcome struggles with anxiety, depression, self-worth, stress, and relationship issues. I work from a culturally sensitive and trauma-informed approach.

Experiencing mental health challenges can be a very lonely experience for a lot of people. I am here to help. Please reach out to my email sana@calmminds.ca or phone at 647-896-9494, if you’d like to consult. I am currently accepting clients and offering virtual appointments.

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 13562

License Province/Territory: Ontario

Prescribe Medication: No

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Young People
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Borderline Personality Disorder


Issues related to migration and cultural assimilation