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What brings me the closest to saying “this is me” is having heart-felt deep conversations with people and sharing moments of joy and laughter. I also enjoy the expression of our inner most emotions through dancing and that is when I feel the most alive. I am constantly trying to unlearn the heavy cultural conditioning that we all have been brought up with and make space for my authentic, untouched, new self.

Regarding my work: I am a certified AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) Level-3 Therapist. Also trauma-informed and queer-affirmative in my approach. AEDP is an integrative model that draws from various trauma-informed therapies and adds unique value to them. AEDP focuses on healing the emotional pain that seeds from complex childhood events, relational trauma, loss of any kind, or various other traumas that might have happened later in life. By making space for important emotions to surface, one is able to externalize self-limiting beliefs that had once been deeply internalized due to different kinds of trauma. One is able to see how inter-generational and cultural trauma, influenced by various oppressive systems, deepened by the intersectionality of one’s identity have impacted their ability to feel like their true self. AEDP allows blocked emotions to surface within a safe environment where the person in therapy and the therapist tend to the underlying hurt, which then leads to powerful transformations that have long-lasting effects. The transformational impact is truly refreshing and leaves you feeling aligned with yourself, in touch with the immense possibility within you, and with an increased relational capacity to form stable and deep connections with others, thus, undoing aloneness in life. What some of my clients said in my sessions:- “I came in feeling so stuck and sad in today’s session, little did I know that I would be leaving with a big smile and feeling good.” “I feel like something has shifted in me, I have watched myself transform, it feels new and it feels good.” “I don’t feel as scared as before to feel my emotions. I don’t push them away as much as I did earlier. I know how to manage them now on most occasions. I always thought feeling emotions is pointless, but now, it feels good to be feeling them fully. I feel like a less calculative person in my mind and more alive in my body and in interactions with others.” Please note: It takes time and consistent efforts to achieve results in therapy. Therapy can sometimes make you feel low before you start feeling better. This is because we are unpacking emotional pain accumulated over so many years. Please be assured that you can unravel at a pace that is comfortable for you and that you will be in a safe and non-judgmental space. Open feedback is always welcome throughout our journey.

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Childhood and Relational Trauma