About me

My work has ignited my passion to work with people who live life through the lens of multiple cultures: the culture you might be born into and your ever evolving one. If you find your self in a different country or environment whether its for for creating a better opportunity for your family, education, or professionally based, experiencing confusion and feelings of not belonging, isn’t uncommon. Being in an interracial or intercultural relationship adds its own layer of obstacles and difficulties. You might notice that your experiences through the world differ, and even your life expectations. These differences may raise questions such as if you’re compatible, if your partner can empathize with you, and to what degree you’ll have to assimilate into your partner’s culture. In addition, the stress of prejudice and discrimination can strain your relationship and feel invalidating.

Whether the stressors in your relationship are external or internal, my extensive experience working with couples that have faced similar obstacles, can help you navigate the intricacies that come from being in an inter-cultural relationship.

My training in psychodynamic psychotherapy enable clients’ to recognize and value their self-worth. My belief is that the basis for a good therapeutic relationship lies in collaboration, consideration and self discovery. These factors are indispensable component of the work we do in therapy.

Honing into the what you feel, need, and want, while trying to determine what is important to you can become a complex challenge. I take into account your experiences from the past, and bridge together with your present to understand and reconcile the conflict. Together we discover what it is that you define as essential in your life.

I work with people stuck in transitions and experiencing life changes, having symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger, grief or relationship difficulties and create a space for them to process their thoughts, and understand who they are. I work with adults, teenagers, inter-racial couples. and students. My focus is in working with clients who feel like outsiders in the society and are in the process of finding their way of expression and a comfortable place in life.

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 125472

License State/Territory: California

Years in Practice: 7

Insurance Plans: I create superbills for all insurance companies.

Prescribe Medication: No

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Types of Clients
Young People
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Complex childhood PTSD from toxic parenting

Adjustments in phases of life

Immigration and Identity

First generation assimilation

Anxiety and Depression

Interracial couples therapy