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I believe that as humans we are constantly learning. We learn through our experiences and our social and familial environments. Often people begin therapy assuming the goal is simply learning new ways of thinking or acting. I like to think of therapy as a process of first, unlearning. Whether this is unlearning the harmful beliefs which impact our sense of self worth or the unhealthy coping mechanisms we adapted to cope during stressful early childhood experiences. My goal as your therapist is to promote your overall well-being, because you are allowed to live a life with purpose and joy. My clients experience me as sincere, direct, and engaged.

I utilize techniques of mindfulness in my work, helping you understand and become aware of what limiting belief systems are blocking you from achieving joy and contentment. I specialize in the following (but certainly not limited to); self esteem, relationship concerns, and navigating complex family systems, all from a culturally sensitive lens.

I specialize in working with immigrants and first-generation immigrants, helping you navigate the experience of coping with the expectations of culture and family obligation. I can also assist you in finding more fulfillment in your sex life, whether you are dealing with low sexual desire, difficulty orgasming, or general lack of sexual comfort, I am here to help you find your sexual freedom.

I believe there is no relationship more important, than the relationship we have with ourselves. Enhancing one’s feelings of self worth can be the catalyst for transformational change in all arenas of one’s life. I see my clients experience through their own cultural upbringing and perspective, ensuring your experience of life is understood, in a safe and supportive space.  I am a relationship specialist, helping you navigate the experiences of being in a long term relationship, dating, newly single, or going through a difficult break-up. Dating can be a challenging experience as in person connections continue to decrease, and I am here to assist you in your journey. Break ups are hard, the wounds they leave can cause further pain in future relationships if left unhealed. I believe that grieving and processing a break up is essential for the health of future relationships.

Relationships take work, and this includes healthy communication, mutual respect, conflict management, and empathy building. I aim to provide my couples with the tools needed to achieve  a successful and thriving relationship. I use John and Julie Gottman’s scientifically backed method of couples therapy, when working with couples.

In my years of work, I have gained experience conducting ongoing psychotherapy with diverse populations of adult individuals and couples, of various ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, and ages. I have overseen the therapeutic treatment of adults navigating various mental health concerns such as; Anxiety, Depression, Marital and Relationship Conflict, Sexual concerns,Family conflict, Career transitions, Break ups, Chronic illness, Intergenerational Trauma, and Life transitions. As a woman of color, I aim to make therapeutic services accessible for all. I see my client’s experience of life holistically and through a culturally sensitive lens. Guiding clients to live their most fulfilling lives is my passion!

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: #120439

License State/Territory: California

Years in Practice: 2

Insurance Plans: Can provide superbills to assist in obtaining insurance reimbursements

Prescribe Medication: No

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I specialize in the following (but certainly not limited to); self esteem, relationship concerns, navigating complex family systems, sexual concerns, intergenerational trauma, and couples.

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