About me

Hi there! I’m Saipriya, an Indian American psychotherapist permitted to practice in the state of New York, though the practice for which I work is only offering remote sessions for the foreseeable future. My decision to become a therapist stemmed in part from the desire to help others, especially folks with marginalized identities/of the global majority like me feel seen, heard, and understood. The mental health field historically has been and continues to be predominantly white and thus, its theory, rooted in white supremacy culture. I aim to offer an alternative, anti-oppressive approach and understand that it’s often a lot more complicated than just simply setting a boundary or cutting off your family.

As a therapist, I strive to embody transparency, flexibility, humility, and unconditional warmth. I’m not a blank slate therapist, so while you’ll likely be talking more than I am, I want our sessions to feel like a conversation and like I’m a person in the room with you and that I’m exploring what you’re feeling and the concerns you’re bringing alongside you. I want to co-create a space and therapeutic relationship that best meets your needs and honor your goals, and I hope that with time and trust, you can feel safe enough to be your authentic self and share your most vulnerable parts; I am always open to feedback along the way.

I view therapy as a safe, accountable space to explore and sit with hard feelings––but also to allow room for joy, levity, and humor––and when relevant, examine how your identities and systems of oppression are informing what you’re feeling, what you’ve experienced, and the pain you may be carrying. Moreover, I primarily draw from relational-cultural, feminist, and internal family systems (IFS) approaches as the theoretical framework that supports our work together. I feel that these modalities help me to prioritize the relationship between us, indirectly strengthen the interpersonal relationships in your own life outside the therapeutic space, and consider you in your wholeness––in a way that honors your uniqueness as an individual and still allows me to position you in relation to interpersonal, cultural, political, and societal contexts, and to corresponding systems of oppression more broadly. IFS in particular also offers the opportunity to help us get curious about the different parts (sometimes presented through contradictory emotions) that comprise who you are and get to know them better and in turn, with time, release any pain those parts may be carrying that needs to be unburdened.

Past clients have appreciated the focus on warm rapport to serve as the foundation of a safe, trusting therapeutic relationship, the way in which there can be room for humor in therapy, and feeling like we really go places, uncover insights/feelings that were hidden, and have those moments where everything clicks/connections are made that is both surprising and yet makes total sense. If my approach to therapy interests you, please feel free to reach out for a free initial consultation!

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 18-P116224-01

License State/Territory: New York

Additional Credentials:

IFS Level 1

IFS Level 2 (in progress)

Insurance Plans: n/a but OON benefits can be used depending on insurance plan

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Young People
Older Adults
Session Types

Internal Family Systems (IFS), complex trauma, racial, gender, and sexual/affectional identity development, depression, anxiety, loneliness/connection/authenticity