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WELCOME NEW CLIENTS- HELLO! I enjoy my work and always been interested in supporting individuals families, teens, and couples who want to overcome problems and be happy again.

Do you feel down or alone, even when you’re with others? Does anxiety seem to be taking over your life or relationships? This probably isn’t the life you imagined for yourself. I believe you deserve better. My clients often find me when they’re needing help for depression, anxiety, trauma, or similar issues. They might also be struggling with relationship conflict. I work with teens, women, and couples who want to overcome problems and be happy again. Once you are able to work through what’s holding you back, you may find you’re excited about what’s to come. You may feel more confident, and even enjoy your relationships again!

I use my expertise and experience to help you meet your goals. We’ll work as a team to build on your strengths. I want you to be able to imagine and create a joyful future. Depending on your needs, I use strategies like CBT and DBT therapies. With new skills and ways of thinking, you can better begin to see life differently and cope more effectively.

My clients often say I’m a good listener. I provide a safe environment and strive to be accepting and non-judgmental. Whether you’re a couple in pain, or an individual wanting to be happy again, I’m here to help. We’ll start wherever you’re at, and make a plan for where you want to be. Call or email me today to schedule an appointment and get started.

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 11596

License Province/Territory: Ontario

Additional Credentials:

Revati Ravuvari (BA, B.Ed, MACP)

Insurance Plans: CANADA

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Young People
Older Adults
Session Types

IPTherapy, SFT, RRT, CBT, CPT, IFS and DBT

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