About me

Online Counselling Sessions & Emotional Regulation Coaching Programmes – UK and Worldwide

You may be experiencing anxiety, stress at work or home, the impact of childhood experiences, relationship difficulties, adult or childhood trauma, depression, low self-confidence or difficult emotions that overwhelm you.

I offer a warm, down-to-earth and relational approach that supports open dialogue. This creates a one-to-one space that will support you as an individual and your unique and specific reasons for seeking support, healing and change.

I am a qualified Integrative Transpersonal Counsellor. I hold a first degree in Psychology and have worked with individuals and groups for over 20 years in the areas of wellbeing and emotional health.

I offer a free initial 50-minute session so that you can meet me, ask questions, experience the way I work and decide if I am the right Counsellor or Therapeutic Coach for you at this time.

Two ways of working together:

1.       One to One Counselling. Short-term or open-ended/long-term sessions which provide in-depth therapeutic counselling work. Sessions are 50 minutes and weekly. Full information about my approach to counselling is given below.

2.       Therapeutic Coaching for Emotional Regulation – A 10-Week Programme 

For Anxiety – Stress – Overwhelm – Difficult emotions in relationships

This is a tailor-made therapeutic coaching programme of skills and tools based on your individual experience and what may help you to regulate and begin to change difficult emotions. You will receive handouts, resources, in-session practice, homework, reflective dialogue to consolidate what you are learning and experiencing and therapeutic coaching.

This approach is based on evidence-based therapies for the regulation of emotions such as Dialectical-Behavioural Therapy (DBT), mindfulness skills training, relationship therapies and body-based and neurobiological approaches.

I SPECIALISE IN and can help you with:

The impact of Childhood and Adult Trauma. This may include anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties feelings of hopelessness or being lost, disconnection from personal needs or desires and shame.

Emotional regulation & wellbeing. Support and skills to regulate and understand difficult emotions and feeling states including anxiety, fear, overwhelm, anger, stress, sadness.

Relationship difficulties. Challenges in family and intimate relationships, relational co-dependency, love addiction, attachment challenges and trauma and developing healthy relationships.

Culture, race and identity. Experiences and questions about identity, connection and belonging, discrimination. Experiences relating to the intersection of race, culture, gender, sexuality and relationships.

Life transitions and life thresholds. Leaving education, mid-life transition, career changes, redundancy, marriage, pregnancy, miscarriage, divorce, children leaving home, peri-menopause, menopause, bereavement & loss, spirituality and spiritual emergence.

Ways of working may include:

  • Listening, reflection and open dialogue
  • Bringing awareness to thoughts, feelings and behaviours that effect your experience of life and relationships
  • Identifying the stories you tell yourself or your internal self-talk and making links with how this impacts your experience and behaviour in life
  • Working with the body and body-led approaches
  • Mindfulness, nervous system awareness and emotional regulation skills
  • Creativity; working with images, metaphors, drawing, dreams, music, poetry and archetypes
  • Education and information about the body, mind and psychology
  • Supporting your strengths, hopes, goals and growth towards personal wellbeing

My qualifications

As a qualified Integrative Transpersonal Counsellor I am accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I hold a BSC Psychology degree and have worked in the areas of mental health and wellbeing for over 20 years supporting individuals in one-to-one and group settings. This has included working at practitioner, clinical management and consultancy levels.

My experience

I have worked with individuals in one-to-one and group work for over two decades. In recent years, my experience includes providing trauma-informed therapies and group programmes, with a focus on healing the impact of childhood and adult trauma through talking therapies, body-based and creative approaches.

This has included being the Adult Service Lead at a specialist award winning, trauma-informed holistic wellbeing mental health charity. I have also led UK’s only Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Centre as Clinic Director, where a skilled team of psychologists & therapists provide treatment for anxiety, depression and addiction.

This work experience, training, continued professional and personal development brings a depth to my skill, knowledge and practice which informs my overall approach to counselling.

My approach

My integrative (meaning more than one model) approach to counselling is influenced by therapy models such as Gestalt, Person-Centred, Psychodynamic, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Transpersonal, Somatic Therapy, Polyvagal Theory and the most recent understanding of the neurobiology of psychology, emotions and relationships. I am a practitioner of mindfulness and in cooperate mindfulness skills to counselling where this may be supportive.

I have an interest in evidence-based contemporary frameworks to understanding psychological and physical wellbeing such as functional medicine. This includes how nutrition, body movement, creativity and our social connections with others support wellbeing. I therefore bring a whole-person awareness to my work.

As a Transpersonal Counsellor I hold in mind an ethos of life that is inclusive of heart, mind, body & soulfulness. This means I hold a space for the human heart and soul in my work.  In practice this means I hold a care and a trust for your inner wisdom and your life’s personal journey.

I am led by the principles and values of compassion, care, openness, authenticity, integrity and providing counselling and coaching that may support you in a way that is most beneficial for you.

I have a solid foundation of clinical experience and I do not believe that ‘one size fits all’. Together we will collaborate to create an approach to our work that will be most supportive for you.

Counselling AND Coaching Programme – Sessions and Fees

Individual Counselling

Sessions are 50 minutes and take place once a week (except on client/counsellor holidays). Fortnightly sessions are available after working together for 6-months. Session fee: £85.00

Therapeutic Coaching for Emotional Regulation – 10-Week Programme

  • Tailor-made skills, tools and psychoeducational handouts specific to you and your experience
  • 7x 75-minute one-to-one sessions
  • 10 weeks of e-mail support

First three sessions are weekly and following four sessions are paced in a way that works for you with a maximum of a fortnightly gap. This gives you time to implement and the skills and tools, reflect and learn.

Fee for 10-week Programme: £695 (Option to pay in one or two instalments).

Other information

Flexible session times are available for those who need these for work reasons. I do not except health insurance at this time. No concessionary rates are available at this time.

I welcome you to e-mail me to book a free 50-minute online initial session.

Qualifications & Practice Details

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details