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“Even when the most painful tragedy touches your life, you have the ability to not let it bruise and scar. The darkness may feel all-consuming, and it will pass, but for this, you will have to help it along.”

Hello! I’m Prerna. Thank your your interest in working together. My goal as your therapist is to form an  authentic human relationship wherein you feel safe, seen, soothed, and secure. I strive to create a relationship built on trust, understanding, and mutual respect. We will work together to take on and cope with life’s daunting challenges while creating an environment of security and unconditional acceptance.

I acquired my graduate degree from New York University’s Silver School of Social Work and specialize in working with adolescents and young or middle-aged adults who may be experiencing issues surrounding LGBTQIA+ identity conflicts, depression, anxiety, complex-trauma, racism/colorism, substance use, childhood sexual trauma, and acculturation stress.

I navigate the therapeutic relationship through a relational-cultural, anti-oppressive lens. I considers myself to be eclectic in my approach, utilizing an amalgamation of practices such as trauma- focused CBT, Mindfulness practices, EMDR, Motivational Interviewing, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I also believe in tailoring my therapeutic orientation to the needs of my clients, as all individuals are multifaceted, thus, needing different approaches for different struggles. My aim is to help you to feel at one with your body and no longer feel as though you are functioning on auto-pilot. I will equip you with the tools to regain control over where your mind takes you, reminding you that it is you that is writing your story.

I am certified in evidence-based practice treatments for adults with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness through the NY State Office of Mental Health Deans Consortium. I have also completed credentialing training to become a Certified Trauma Professional in the state of New York. In addition to clinical work, I have written for an Indian culture publication about my experience navigating Eastern cultural norms as a queer woman. I use my intersectional identity as a queer immigrant of color to create an inclusive space for the clients I serve.

The therapeutic process is collaborative and relational. As a therapist, I believe that therapy is an act of making known the unknown in a safe and supportive environment. I do this while equipping clients with the self-assurance to triumph over the challenges of life and find peace in their suffering. My therapeutic aim is to help you tap into your inner-resilience, practice radical acceptance, and mobilize change.

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 104541

License State/Territory: New York

Date License Granted: August 16, 2018

Years in Practice: 3

Additional Credentials:

Certified Complex Trauma Professional

Insurance Plans: Wellfleet Student Health Insurance

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Young People
Older Adults
Session Types



Existential Crisis

Identity Concerns

Cross-Cultural Issues

Childhood Trauma

Sexual Abuse

Family Issues




Professional Ambitions


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