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Hi, welcome to my profile. I am Namrata Khetan, a Counseling Psychologist from Mumbai, India. I have done my Master’s in Counseling Psychology and have been working in the field of Mental health for the last 13 years. I personally believe an experienced professional therapist is the perfect combination of science and art. We apply techniques that are scientific in nature but complete the journey with the art of listening and non-judgmental understanding. Through my practice, I encourage my clients to freely express their thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Becoming aware of themselves and their patterns facilitates a better understanding of their mental health and how to effectively work through their concerns with patience and care.

As a psychotherapist, I believe in using an approach that is tailored to the individual’s unique needs. I use a form of therapy called “Talk Therapy” to explore patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may be limited to understanding the past, present and future. My therapeutic approach is client-centered meaning that I believe my clients are the experts of their own lives. I work collaboratively with them to identify their goals and use different tools to achieve them. Additionally, I incorporate evidence-based techniques and interventions, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT, and REBT  based on my clients’ needs and preferences.  I also believe that the socio-cultural and political context is an important factor to consider when providing therapy. Our backgrounds, cultural heritage, social status, gender, and political environment all influence our experiences and perceptions. As a therapist, I strive to understand my clients’ experiences within their unique cultural context and work towards decolonizing our understanding of healing.

I have worked with children, adolescents, parents, and adults in different setups to help them in their emotional and mental health journey. I have conducted various workshops at preventive and educative levels for parents, students, teachers, and adults.

As a catalyst in a collaborative process and not an expert who claims to have all the answers, I value and deeply respect my clients as they are, and have immense confidence and faith in their capabilities to find solutions within themselves that will help them in their healing journey. I would like to invite you to a judgment-free journey of kindness, understanding and emotional healing.

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Prescribe Medication: No

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Young People
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Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Relationship Conflicts, grief and loss, Self-identity, Self-acceptance, Burnout and stress, Interpersonal conflicts, Lifestyle changes, Adolescent concerns, Parenting issues, Personal growth and development.