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I invite you to explore resilience in life’s challenges, understanding that growth often comes from discomfort. As a therapist, I am well aware that the healing process can be as taxing as it is rewarding, requiring a depth of vulnerability that is never easy. But rest assured, this is not a path you tread alone. My role is to gently guide you in reshaping core beliefs and uncovering the strengths that lie within, often obscured from view.

In collaboration, we will steer through life’s transitions, whether they pertain to personal relationships, professional endeavors, or the intricate dynamics of family life. I aim to offer support and insight to those grappling with the impacts of systemic oppression, providing a therapeutic space for individuals from all walks of life to process and overcome trauma. It is here, in this collaborative healing space, where empowerment begins and silence ends.

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whatsapp +1 604 834 5725

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 284081 CPCAB, UK. 00983363 BACP, UK.

License Province/Territory: uk

Insurance Plans: not yet

Prescribe Medication: No

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Young People
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