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Growing up in India and later assimilating into American culture, I have firsthand experience with the complex and often challenging process of navigating two vastly different worlds. The journey of balancing deeply ingrained traditional values with the demands of a modern lifestyle, managing family expectations, finding aligned friendships, and navigating romantic relationships can be overwhelming. The stark contrasts between Eastern and Western philosophies, particularly in areas like family dynamics, individual values, dating, and career-related pressures, have deeply influenced my understanding and approach to therapy. If you’re struggling to reconcile your personal preferences with cultural norms, I am here to support and guide you through it.

Many of the individuals and couples I work with struggle with issues related to identity, anxiety, depression, low motivation, self-esteem, grief, disordered eating, and complex relationships. My therapeutic approach, which combines DBT and somatic techniques, will help you tolerate distress better, navigate relationships with confidence, regulate your emotions, and attune with your body to find a sense of calm. I unconditionally accept you for who you are and strive to help you identify your own purpose and motivators, enabling you to find a path to a more fulfilling life.

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License Number: P123472

License State/Territory: New York

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