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Perhaps sex, intimacy, & communication with your partner, your beloved, is uncomfortable & chaotic. This in itself can be so difficult to cope with, in addition to the expectations of family & society. What if I told you it is not you or your partner’s fault? Society as a whole has made sex, relationships & marriage a topic of taboo and transactional expectation. As a result, we’ve been so misinformed about what sex, sexuality, & sensuality looks like on us.

Together, with gentleness, compassion, & a trauma informed lens, we will explore the toxic narratives that interfere with your divine union. This also often involves deconstructing beliefs from extremist religions, conservative cultural upbringings, or past experiences that are showing up in you and your partner’s union.
This journey is a 6 week, once a week session that is facilitated through a body based, somatic &/or dance therapy approach which incorporates a mixture of talk therapy, expressive arts, and eastern spiritual cultural practices like tantra. This journey will be structured according to your needs, goals, & desires. Book your free 30 minute consult with me!

FEES: $220 per session

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: AMFT 126822

License State/Territory: California

Insurance Plans: I don't accept insurance at this time

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Session Types
In Person

Sex Therapy & Sex Trauma

Multicultural Identities

Depression, Anxiety, & Spirituality


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