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For those of us who identify as Indian, South Asian, or part of the Indian Diaspora, we face a complicated balancing act of bridging space between different groups.

Hi, I’m Kavita. I work with adults and couples who are deep thinkers looking for a therapist with cultural intelligence and compassion of one who’s been there. The majority of my clients recently immigrated to the US or are first- and second-generation Americans. I have openings for new clients throughout California.

Looking for a therapist is a really personal thing. So before you reach out, I want to give you a sense of me and my take on therapy. Therapy is a relationship. You’re choosing to trust me (someone you don’t know yet) with your ‘truths’; truths you may not have even spoken to yourself. I provide a safe and secure space for you to experience new ways of relating without being concerned about judgements, distractions or taking care of the other person in the room. As an Indian immigrant and woman, I have experienced the struggle of fitting-in, straddling the space between two cultures, marginalization, finding community, and discovering my voice and identity. Clients appreciate my knowledge and understanding of their cultural context and their experience of navigating and integrating multiple cultural identities and norms. I am fluent in conversational Hindi/Urdu and have conducted therapy in Hindi with several South Asian clients. Learn more about me.

I help people explore, identify, and understand their life experiences, influences, and expectations. You and I work together so you can grow into the full, unconstrained you; feel fulfillment and vitality; and connect to people, your life, and your SELF!

  • I help you navigate and find the balance between your South Asian and American identities to help you define the you the feels like YOU!
  • I help you clarify your role in family relationships and staying connected in a way that feels affirming of your cultural and family norms while maintaining your sense of SELF!
  • I help people with feelings of anxiety, imposter syndrome and perfectionism, self-doubt and self-esteem issues, feeling lack of vitality and engagement in their life, interpersonal relationships, and life and career transitions.

With couples, including interracial or multi-heritage couples, I help you explore and understand how each of you show up in the relationship and how to navigate similarities and differences in a way that honors both of you. Some common couples themes/issues I work with are work-life balance, parenting or caring for aging parents, understanding why you have the same argument over and over again, deescalating arguments, reconnecting after years of drifting apart, life transitions, and building intimacy.

Contact me for a free, confidential phone consultation. We’ll talk about how I can help you. We’ll find out if we are a good fit. Get started by filling out this short form.

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 119728

License State/Territory: California

Additional Credentials:

Post-Graduate Certification, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, The Psychotherapy Institute

MA, Marriage and Family Therapy, John F. Kennedy University

MBA, UC Davis

BA, Psychology, UC Riverside

Insurance Plans: I provide Superbills for out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

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