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My Specialities include: Anxiety, Burn-out, Cancer, Depression, Illness, LGBTQ, PTSD, Stress and Trauma.

I am a Highly skilled and Experienced Integrative Psychotherapist, specialist in Trauma therapy with over 25 years demonstrated history of working in the general, mental health care industry and charity sector. I am a Trauma specialist in helping clients to address the root causes of Anxiety, Depression, which might be the result of a past or current traumatic event. I am an experienced healthcare services professional with a Nursing and Coaching background.  I have also completed further intensive specialist training in Somatic Trauma therapy with with world renowned author and trainer in the field of trauma Babette Rothschild.

My experience to date includes running Synchronicity Psychotherapy Practice in Leicester, providing professional consultancy to set up a bespoke Trauma Therapy Hub, for a local charity offering a holistic approach to tackling the needs of, predominantly, women and girls who have experienced Domestic abuse.  I subsequently worked in a managerial position. Many of my clients have been trauma survivors and experienced often complex or multiple presenting issues.  I have also worked a a volunteer therapist for a local Cancer charity and a Faith based Charity.  I continue to volunteer with a charity that supports families, with a child or adult family member with a life limiting, life threatening or life long and that impacts the whole family.

I’m Passionate about transforming lives through healing trauma.

Are you feeling Anxious, Burnt-out, Depressed, Stressed, Overwhelmed, Stuck and Uncertain?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to express our emotions, especially with friends and family.  The good news is is that our emotions are a healthy, normal way to help us gauge our mental health and wellbeing.  Sometimes, though, we need help to make sense of them.  As a Therapist I can help.

I empower you to further explore, discover and understand the root cause of your feelings.  I provide you with effective, evidence based techniques and strategies to overcome anxiety, burn out, depression, trauma and achieve your full potential.

Do You feel like your are sitting at the bottom of this deep, dark, hole and the walls are closing in on you and there’s no means of escaping this hole?

Have you lost your love for life and the things that used to bring you happiness and joy no longer do?

Are you feeling trapped between feelings of ‘I have to’ and ‘I can’t’?

Do you feel like you have very little control over what your life is like?

Do You feel like you need to start moving, to change things, to get things done, but feel too overwhelmed and confused to start?

I can help you, as a qualified Trauma therapist to break free from the trauma cycle and lead a more fulfilling life.

*Testimonial* There is a common misconception that trauma is only for extreme situations but coming from a South Asian background I think we are all exposed to more trauma than we realise and it is important that this is recognised.

When I reached out for help and started my sessions with Jessie I was frequently being triggered, either in a state of anxiety or depression, and none of my coping tools were helping me.

I felt at ease with Jessie from the first call. I was made to feel safe, secure, assured that my feelings were valid and it was clear that there was no judgement. During my 8 sessions I was able to give my inner child a voice and speak about my past traumas without going too deep. I was offered valuable coping tools, strategies, taught stabilisation & safety techniques and slowly, finally, began to release the past.

I initially reached out to help manage my low days but I gained so much more. I briefly mentioned my new business venture to Jessie, she then coached me to identify my blind spots, unlock my self imposed limitations, and insight which really empowered me. I started to clear blocks I didn’t even realise I had.

I feel stronger, more in tune with myself and for the first time in years, feel like I am baggage free.

Jessie’s help and support has been invaluable, I found her to be a professional and down to earth Trauma therapist. In each of my sessions I was always met with warmth, kindness, compassion and offered so much support.

Going to therapy is the best investment I’ve ever made. I am grateful I chose Jessie as I gained so much more than I ever expected!

Mental health will always be something I manage but I have better tools and awareness now – thank you Jessie for helping me find my voice and come back to myself. H.P.

*Testimonial*  “Prior to commencing therapy with Jessie R, I was depressed.  I’d been taking antidepressants for over 3 years and I was working in an unfulfilling job.   Within less then 6 months, with the non-judgemental, therapeutic support from my highly skilled therapist Jessie R, I have been empowered to come off my anti-depressants and I’ve started a new job, within a company that values me and my skills.  I felt that Jessie R implicitly understood me and believed in my inner potential from the beginning.  This has immensely helped me to feel more confident as a person and assertive in myself.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and the new me is emerging ” G.R.

*Testimonial*  “I met Jessie R when  I was struggling with a combination of anxiety, obsessive compulsive thoughts, lack of confidence and confusion in myself. Jessie R gave me the permission to express these emotions naturally in the sessions and she made me realise I was OK and fully human. Jessie R provided a tailored insight in how to address these overwhelming feelings and I built myself back up using the techniques she put forward. I also came off antidepressants during that time too, from being on them for 11 years and she supported me throughout the process and will no doubt, continue too. During the short time that I have known Jessie R, she has been empathetic, reassuring and so kind, warm and respectful towards my needs. She truly is very talented at what she does and has changed my life in such a short space of time. I am thankful every day for her support, it is invaluable”  L.E.

Firstly, I invite you to visit my website to find out more about how I work as a Therapist and my Therapy packages and rates etc.



Qualifications & Practice Details

Member: BACP registered Therapist


BSc (Hons) First Class in Counselling and Psychotherapy.  (BACP Accredited)

Additional Credentials:

Intensive Somatic Trauma Therapy Training.  (Taught by Babette Rothschild, M.S.W., Body-Psychotherapist, specialist educator in the treatment of Trauma and P.T.S.D.)

Dip H.E. Nursing



Insurance Plans: CIGNA

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Session Types







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