About me

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and I have a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from Simon Fraser University in BC, Canada, a Master’s Degree of Science in Psychology from Montfort College in India, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Jain University in India.  My practice is grounded in an approach that is holistic and collaborative. I believe that all people have the ability to heal and grow and so I offer my clients support and guidance to access and trust their inner wisdom so that they can gain clarity on their struggles and refine their sense of purpose and direction. I like to provide clients with the necessary research-based tools to help them achieve their goals and find that this gives clients something to take home and practice in their daily lives. Everyone has different struggles but as human beings we have a common desire to better connect with ourselves and others, and to become more present and engaged in our lives. I believe that good counselling can help clients achieve insight, connection, and freedom from their personal struggles so that they can lead more fulfilling lives.

Over the years, I have worked with diverse populations. I understand that culture plays a huge role in how we engage with the world and the unique challenges we face. For example, oftentimes mental health problems are not well understood by those closest to us, which can make it much harder to reach out for help. If this sounds like you, I’m excited that you’re considering therapy and reading my bio.  I want you to know, I work to create an inclusive and safe space for all my clients where we can discuss issues related to race, culture and discrimination openly and without judgement. A productive and successful counselling relationship is built on trust, which is why I work hard to create an unconditionally accepting relationship with each of my clients regardless of what they bring to therapy.
My Counselling Approach

In my work, I believe in providing clients the opportunity to explore and discuss their thoughts and emotions in a safe, non-judgemental environment. My approach to counselling is strengths-focused and trauma-informed. I help clients figure out not just what they need to work on but what they are already doing well. It is important to identify the right tools and develop insight on what is most effective for you as the client and to recognize your internal strengths and resourcefulness to reach your desired outcome in therapy.  I have worked with many people who have experienced trauma and I am very aware of how past or ongoing trauma can impact people’s lives. If trauma comes up in our work together, we will use research-proven counselling tools to help you move through and beyond these traumas at a pace that feels right for you.

I have experience in various counselling modalities such as Emotion Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Person-Centered Therapy, all of which have been shown to be effective in helping clients reach their personal goals. In my sessions with clients, I utilize tools such as mindfulness and grounding exercises to help clients regulate difficult emotions that arise, in and out of sessions, when working through struggles such as grief, depression, anxiety, relationship, and family conflict. I’ve found these tools to be effective in helping clients move through personal battles, empower themselves, and create meaningful change in their lives. If you want to change or redefine your life or simply want support as you go through something difficult, I encourage you to come for counselling to develop a deeper understanding of yourself, to garner the tools necessary to help you move forward, and to gain the support needed in your journey towards healing.


What About Cost?

Counsel Me Vancouver believes that pricing for counselling should be fair and reasonable. Most importantly, it should be affordable. Cost has been carefully considered through the comparison of other comparable service providers, professional level of the counselling being offered, and the desire to provide counselling to as many clients as possible. The fees are also in accordance with the recommended fee guidelines set forth by the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.

For individual counselling, each session costs $180 per session. For couple’s counselling, each session costs $225 per session.  Most individual sessions generally run for 1 hour while couple’s sessions run for 90 minutes.  Check your health benefits as many plans cover some or all of this cost.  If you have any questions regarding the fees, do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

The initial 15 minute phone session is free of charge. This call insures that I can assist your personal mental health concerns within my scope of practice and gives you the opportunity to ask any questions prior to scheduling an appointment. It also allows me to prepare for your first session so that you get the most out of your counselling experience.  I also offer a free 30 minute consultation so that you can come in to the office, meet me, and get a general idea of the work that we’d be doing in session.  It’s important to find a counsellor that fits your needs and this consultation can help you decide if you want to work specifically with me.

*All canceled appointments require 24 hours notice.*

Which Insurance Companies Cover Counselling?

Although counselling fees are not covered under the BC Medical Services Plan, many health benefit plans do include counselling coverage that reimburse you for visits to a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC). If your insurance is provided by one of the below companies, check with them to see how much your plan covers per calendar year. However, if your insurance company is not listed below, this does not mean that they won’t cover costs. Refer to your insurance company benefits package or Human Resources Department to find out what type of coverage you have.

The following plans are known to cover some or all of counselling provided by a RCC:

Great West Life
Pacific Blue Cross
Sunlife Insurance
Green Shield Insurance
Employee Assistance Programs
Publically funded services such as Non-Insured Health Benefits for Aboriginal people
*Family Assistance Programs
*Workers Compensation Board (WCB)
*Victim’s Assistance Services (call 604-660-3888 or toll free in BC at 1-866-660-3888 to enrol with CVAP)
* ICBC (if involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident causing anxiety and trauma)
*Depends on the client’s reasons for seeking counselling and requires proper approval from the company.

If your insurance company does cover counsellor from a RCC, simply provide the receipt Counsel Me Vancouver gives you to your insurance company and they will reimburse you.

If you find that RCC visits are not covered under your plan, you may want to contact your employer, Human Resources Department, or insurance company directly to request a small change to the plan’s coverage. This isn’t difficult, doesn’t cost the employer anything, and at the same time increases your employee benefits. Most employers like to increase the amount of benefits that their employees can access, especially when it does not cost the employer any additional fee. Often plans will cover visits to a Psychologist but not a qualified RCC who is less expensive. By adjusting the plan to include RCC’s, your counselling dollars will actually go further. Please use the link below to access a document with the information you will need to put into your own letter when making this request.

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 19345

License Province/Territory: Britisch Columbia

Additional Credentials:

I'm a trained expert in Gottman Couples Therapy, a research based couples therapy model.

I also have the following certification:

  • APA TelePsychology Best Practices
  • Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk on How the Body Keeps the Score: Intensive Trauma Treatment Course
  • Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors: Training in Trauma Informed Stabilization Treatments (TIST)

Insurance Plans: Great West Life Pacific Blue Cross Sunlife Insurance Green Shield Insurance Employee Assistance Programs Publically funded services such as Non-Insured Health Benefits for Aboriginal people *Family Assistance Programs *Workers Compensation Board (WCB) *Victim’s Assistance Services (call 604-660-3888 or toll free in BC at 1-866-660-3888 to enrol with CVAP) * ICBC (if involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident causing anxiety and trauma)

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Young People
Older Adults
Session Types
In Person

I specialize in helping individuals and couples manage grief, depression, anxiety, relationship and family conflict.  I also specialize in working with people from diverse backgrounds who are impacted by violence, social injustice, and poor community development.  I empower clients by advocating for anti-oppressive and anti-racist practices.