About me

As someone whom has also experienced trauma and has actively worked to dismantle her colonial rhetoric and patterns- I wish to ensure that the individuals I interact with feel heard. Along with feeling understood and validated in their own narratives.

My intent is never to tell you your story, but rather help you find your emotional language to express it and figure out methods to regulate. Rather than being your voice, I wish to help you find yours. Which may look unique for each person, and incorporate other mediums such as art or music; as opposed to just words.

As a South-Asian identifying person, whom has had the privilege to have lived and traveled to various cities globally- I bring a wealth of my own life experience to the space we create. Exposure to diverse peoples and cultures has significantly informed my conceptualisation of the world as well as my therapeutic style.

Therapy is a relational experience, and I always treat it as a deeply vulnerable and powerful exchange occurring between two people. My hope is that I can make you feel safe enough, in order to begin to dissect your inner dialogue that may have kept you from finding your path. My goal is to never come from a place of I’m the expert, but rather mirror, reflect and guide your journey. We are both equal passengers in this experience together, which I feel honoured to embark on with you.


Values and Approach
My aim in the therapeutic space is to always utilize the time in a way that is most useful and healing for you. I always appreciate and welcome real time reflection where I can receive your feedback in order to best support your process. As authenticity is crucial to the progression of our therapy.

I am aware that each individual’s needs are unique and should be catered to accordingly. I also work to incorporate language and tools that are sensitive and inclusive of race, gender, age, ethnicity and sexuality. As a therapist I constantly strive to grow and do my own inner work, so that the process we share is ever evolving. I also like to utilize culturally sensitive and adaptable interventions in order to support the goals you may come in with.

My biggest hope in therapy is that an individual, who leaves our shared space, feels like they learnt something new or helpful about themselves. Along with feeling as though they finally took the first small step towards their growth. The therapeutic space, at times challenging, can be humbling and a place of privilege.




Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 178017118

License State/Territory: IL

Years in Practice: 6


Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Young People
Older Adults
Session Types
In Person

Relationships, Family systems, Cultural trauma, Abuse/ neglect, Identity concerns, Religious based guilt, Connections and finding a sense of community, Anxiety, Depression.