About me

Welcome! I am a licensed clinical psychologist practicing both online and in-person in California and online with clients in Illinois. I am originally from Chicago and maintain licenses in both California and Illinois. My practice philosophy is driven by the belief that we have the ability to access internal resources to live a more balanced and healthier life. I am passionate about empowering others to access these resources, and providing the psychoeducation, skills, and safe space for them to do so.

My style is compassionate, values-based, and action oriented. Working with me involves delving into present, future, and past concerns, with a focus of meeting you where you are NOW. You will increase insight, gain new perspectives, be listened to without judgment or expectations, and be encouraged to self-reflect on a deeper level. Often, change involves learning healthy coping skills, such as deep breathing and grounding techniques, setting healthy boundaries, and clarifying values. Mindfulness is a powerful player in change/growth and will be included in our work as well. When the time is right we will focus more on changing behaviors, working at your own pace, to work towards goals that you set for yourself.

I am fortunate to have a generalist training background and have worked with a variety of clients ranging in age, gender, ethnicity, and presenting concerns. Over the years I found myself drawn to work with primarily adults, young professionals, and college students. I also enjoy working with teens as well. Although I have significant clinical experience working with a range of presenting concerns, from depression & loss to couples counseling, my areas of expertise include working with anxiety, eating disorders & body image, significant life transitions, and relationship concerns. Integrated in this work, I have often addressed themes related to self-esteem/confidence, self-compassion, stress management, work/life balance, and finding connection.

With regard to therapy approaches, my primary framework is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (known as ACT), which is an evidence-based approach. ACT emphasizes mindfulness and the present moment, identifying personal values, increasing flexibility in the way we relate to our thoughts and emotions, and becoming unstuck from unhealthy patterns. I very much value my clients and I prioritize tailoring the therapy approach to what they want, need, and hope for. Taking multicultural and systemic factors into account as well. Therapy is not a one size fits all service and my theoretically diverse training allows me to integrate techniques from additional therapies into the framework of ACT, to fit what my clients need.

As humans, pain is part of life, which includes emotional and mental pain. We are often afraid and uncomfortable with this and as a result have difficult time allowing space for it. We do loads of things to avoid it and sometimes that ends up backfiring and getting in the way of things we actually want from life. I believe that we have the ability to relate to our thoughts and emotions in different ways than we are usually used to and taught. Therapy allows a space to practice being uncomfortable, in a safe and secure setting, in order to experience relating to our minds, feelings, and selves in a different way. Mindfulness is a huge component to this as it allows the space for us to be present with the pain, as well as the joy. Overall, more comfortable with the discomfort, allowing us to redirect our energy and focus back into what we value and living a life we want.

It takes courage to recognize that additional help is needed and to try something different than you’re used to. Take a moment and appreciate your bravery, this is you trying something new, something you may never have thought about before. I look forward to being a part of your process, helping you embrace life’s challenges, using your personal strengths and resources to move in the direction of desired growth.

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 31521

License State/Territory: California

Years in Practice: 8

Additional Credentials:

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in California and Illinois.

CA License: 31521

IL License: 071009721

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Young People
Older Adults
Session Types
In Person


Stress Management

Body Image

Healthy Weight Loss

Eating Disorders

Significant Life Change

Independence and Identity