About me

I’m Selina and I’m a Clinical Psychologist who works both in the NHS and in private practice. In my clinical work, I work with a wide range of difficulties, including low mood, anxiety, relational difficulties and trauma. I have experience of working with people who are in emotional crises and are experiencing suicidality, self-harm and addiction.

A bit about my approach, I’m interested in how we develop our current difficulties in the context of our unique identity and social world. I’m interested in how we navigate the conflicts between our personal and social selves and boundaries with others. We all have a unique individual experience, be that how we identify through race, religion, culture, gender, sexuality or other aspect of identity and as a client, I would support you to navigate your difficult experiences of living in multiple ‘worlds’ and the impact this has on you and your health. I want to support you to feel empowered through the process of understanding yourself. As a therapist, you can expect me to create with you a space where it feels safe enough to share, get to know your story more deeply and consider what it is you’d like the next chapter to look like, and work through what may be blocking this.

I use a variety of approaches in my work. I am particularly interested in body based approaches, relational work, trauma therapy, and group therapy to reconnect us both to our own bodies, how we navigate in our relationship to both ourselves and to others who hold both similar and different positions to us. I work in a collaborative way to offer a space which fits your needs. This can be for both long term and short term therapeutic work.

I am always happy to chat about the scope of therapy and what this may look like. I also hold group therapy sessions which you may be interested in to connect with others in your therapy journey.

Qualifications & Practice Details

Member: HCPC Registered


Before undertaking my Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I studied both at undergraduate and masters level in psychology. Doctorate training has equipped me with the ability to use multiple models of therapy and interweave them to fit what works best for clients. I have also undertaken further training in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, EMDR, sensorimotor psychotherapy and group analysis to further enhance my therapeutic work.

Insurance Plans: WPA Group, CIGNA UK

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Young People
Session Types
  • Trauma therapy (EMDR, sensorimotor)
  • Body based, somatic approaches to healing and growth
  • Identity and self exploration including thinking about gender and race and the influence on our experience in the world
  • Group therapy to connect with others to explore a similar area together in a closed space


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