About me

I am a South Asian (Bangladeshi-American) psychologist in New York and Massachusetts with about a decade of clinical experience diagnosing and treating adults, adolescents, and children with a variety of mental health challenges. I earned my Ph.D. at Columbia University and am currently an Instructor in Psychology at Harvard Medical School.

Do you feel like you’re on autopilot or that life lacks meaning? Maybe you’re so anxious or depressed that it’s hard to get things on your to-do list done. Or you’re comparing yourself to others and worry that you’re not good enough. It’s tiring to find a therapist, but you know you want so much more in life and wonder if therapy could help you.

You want to find meaning and stop pressuring yourself to be perfect at work, parenting, or school. You want to reconnect with your loved ones and enjoy their presence again. You want to stop letting worries control your life. I can help you achieve these goals, and I’m proud of you for taking this important step toward therapy.

I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, and stress, and I’m passionate about helping people find more joy and meaning in their lives. I know how tiring it can be to work with therapists that do not understand your culture and how much time it can take up having to constantly explain your culture’s customs and social norms. If you are of South Asian descent and looking for someone that just “gets it,” I may be a good fit.

I have openings and offer flexible scheduling to fit therapy into your busy life. I’m available Monday to Friday evenings and nights, as well as on weekends.

If you feel ready to change your life and would like a collaborative, culturally sensitive, and science-based approach to care, please call (617-800-9262) or email (ndenese@denesepsychology.com) for a free 15-min consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you and working as a team to achieve your therapy goals!

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: PSY10000120

License State/Territory: Massachusetts

Years in Practice: 8

Additional Credentials:

Psychology License, New York State

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) Certified

Insurance Plans: Out of Network, Sliding Scale Available

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Young People
Session Types
In Person

Adults: Anxiety, depression, stress, burnout, selective mutism, parenting challenges, cultural identity issues (especially South Asian), trauma

Children and adolescents: Anxiety, depression, selective mutism, trauma, oppositionality, disruptive behaviors