About me

You are used to juggling many things in life successfully and wonder why this feels so hard.  It feels as though there are not enough hours in the day and that the reality of your daily life is vastly different than you had envisioned. You struggle with constantly worrying, feelings of self-doubt and shame that you feel this way despite so many things in life going well.

I help women gain a greater sense of peace, presence and satisfaction in their life in whatever season of life they find themselves in.

You deserve a compassionate, non-judgmental space where you can take steps towards the presence you long for in your life. I offer a free 15 minute consult call to hear what you’re looking for and share how I can best support you. If you long for deeper peace in your life,  I’d love to help get you there.



Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: CW019908

License State/Territory: Pennsylvania

Additional Credentials:

University of Pennsylvania (LCSW)

Advanced Certificate in CBT

EMDR Trained



Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Session Types

Women's Issues

Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum



Mood Disorders

Relationship Issues

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