About me

There are times in our lives when how we feel, what we’re experiencing or what we’re thinking can seem jumbled up like a spool of tangled string and we’re feeling stuck which causes us real suffering. This stuckness can affect our emotions, thinking, behaviours and even our physical health. We can ignore it, fight it, get distracted or we can do the work.

I would like to support you by listening to you without judgement, helping you consider what is going on in your life, so you heal, rebalance and move towards a more integrated, genuine you. For this to happen deep trust and compassion are foundational.

I’m an integrative therapist and coach, this means I am skilled and flexible in using different psychological approaches for you as an individual.

I use counselling to work with emotions, thoughts, behaviours or physical chronic conditions, so you can heal and rebalance. I use coaching to support you to move in the direction of new possibilities.

I have over 6 years of counselling experience, working with individuals, anxiety, depression, loss, addictions, trauma and chronic physical conditions.


Practice description

My work is underpinned by listening deeply, without judgement, with compassion and unconditionally. I want to know you and what you’re experiencing deeply so that you can trust me, even with some of your most painful emotions, experiences and memories.

The next phase involves doing the reparative work together. The approach is integrative and this means, we can use different psychological approaches that would work specifically for you. These are the major ones:

Psychodynamic – how our early life has shaped us, our relationship to others, and our outlook on the world.

Transactional Analysis – the different parts of ourselves (parent / adult / child) and how these relate to ourselves and others and the types of stories we believe about ourselves.

Existential – the meaning making, around how we see ourselves, others, the material world, and spirituality.

Compassion Focused Therapy – our experience of feeling safe, belonging and our drive towards a preferred scenario.


Once we have done the reparative work, we can use coaching to move into new possibilities. This can involve exploring your highest values, and the potential paths to make this happen.

Why Me

I have lived in three different continents, 52 years old, married for 24 years with two teenage boys. I have experienced in myself, my relationships and in running business (in London and NY), success /  failure, loss / triumph, debilitating self doubt / confidence, physically crippling anxiety / completely healing through therapy, deep depression / deep contentment, racism and prejudice / community, belonging and meaning. I’m sharing this because, I am perfectly imperfect and although I have not had the same experiences as you, I can empathically relate, and confident together we can work towards healing and wholeness.

Qualifications & Practice Details

Years in Practice: 6

Member: MBACP


PG Dip (Level 7) University of East London

Insurance Plans: United Kingdom

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Session Types
In Person




Cultural issues,


Health related issues (somatic chronic health conditions)

Life coaching,



Personal development,

Post-traumatic stress,