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*Currently accepting new Tele-therapy clients. Must live in Texas!*

Are you unhappy and stuck in patterns that don’t serve you? Are you overwhelmed by your thoughts, or feelings of anxiety, guilt, and shame? Are you feeling unsatisfied with the current state of your relationships? If you are ready for a change, reach out and connect with me. My passion is in empowering you to lead your happiest authentic life. I work with adults struggling with cultural identity, managing family expectations, and conflict in relationships. My focus is on providing you the tools to become more self-aware and guiding you through healing your emotional wounds so that you can regain the control to live life on your terms.

We will explore your intersectional identity to heal you and all your parts. In order to do that, I’ll guide you through healing your emotional wounds rather than just managing them as is typical of traditional “talk therapy”. Healing is a dual mind-body approach. In our no-judgment space, we will collaborate on identifying and challenging the beliefs that contribute to your current struggles, in addition to releasing the wounds stored in your body.

I am a bilingual First-Generation Indian-American Hindu woman. I have done the work to be content and authentic within my intersectional identity and will continue to do so as identity is an ever-evolving life-long journey. I know it can be a struggle to find a place to fit in and be true to you. People may say you are too American or too cultural, too rebellious or too obedient, too light or too dark, too fat or too thin. People may have a lot of expectations and opinions about you. But my goal is to help you advocate for yourself and become comfortable in your own skin, to empower you to lead your happiest authentic life.

I believe if you are given a space free from judgment and expectations, and the opportunity to have your story witnessed by empathy and compassion, you will be able to experience the joy of being your authentic self. I want to get to know YOU, all of you, and empower you to live the life you want. When you are ready for change, reach out and connect with me for a FREE 10 minute consultation.

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 82780

License State/Territory: Texas

Years in Practice: 5+

Insurance Plans: Out-of-Network Insurance (BCBS, CIGNA, AETNA, UNITED HEALTHCARE.)

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Older Adults
Session Types

-South Asian/Desi Culture

-Bi-cultural Identity/Acculturation

-Family of Origin Issues

-First and Second Generation Immigrant Struggles

-Relationship Issues (friends, family, partners)

-Communication Issues

-Self Esteem + Confidence

-Anxiety + Stress


-Adjusting to Change + Life Transitions

-Grief + Loss

-Career Counseling

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