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Namaste and welcome!  Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, especially during these times of Covid?  Have life events left you confused or distraught?  And talking to family and friends have not really helped?  Perhaps it’s time to talk to a  professional, where you can work together to get to a place of calm, clarity, and confidence.  I provide psychotherapy and counseling services to adult individuals and couples, with a focus on women, immigrants, and people of color that is culturally sensitive. I treat individals who are experiencing generalized anxiety, depression, poor coping skills, grief due to loss, short-term crisis, and low self-esteem. My treatment modalities include: strength based, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, compassion focused, and multicultural therapies.


Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: 44SC05936400

License State/Territory: NJ

Date License Granted: August 11, 2020

Years in Practice: 2005

Additional Credentials:

BCD- Board Certified Diplomate from American Board of Clinical Social Work

ACSW Credential from Academy of Certified Social Workers

Insurance Plans: No insurance plans accepted currently.

Prescribe Medication: No

Practical Details

Types of Clients
Session Types

My focus is on the issues predominantly faced by South Asians, especially the immigrant population, and first generation as well.  I have extensive experience on treating this population, and additionally I myself am a South Asian immigrant.  My experience also include adolescents, and older adults.

For safety reasons, at this time I only provide video sessions due to Covid-19.

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