About me

As human beings, we may desire freedom, joy, fulfillment, or meaning in our lives. And we inherently have the ability to access all of these things within ourselves already. But sometimes, the mind can trap us in its false narratives and projections about ourselves and about the world around us. I specialize in working with multicultural expats, global nomads, and children of immigrants struggling to find their place and sense of belonging, artists and creatives of color grappling with creators’ block, anxiety, and self-doubt, and South Asian teens and adults in the diaspora interested in exploring how perfectionism, unrealistic societal/familial expectations, and cultural heritage (including religion, spirituality, caste, class, sexuality, and race) impact their identities, emotional well-being, and how they interact with others.

I am an intuitive, spiritual, empathic, and interdisciplinary healer-artist. I work from a relational-cultural, strengths-based, and social justice oriented framework that integrates expressive arts with narrative therapy and archetypal mythology to support you in rewriting your story and (re)connecting to your authentic self. I embody compassion, empathy, and curious nonjudgmental questioning to challenge and hold space for you in order to inspire introspection, cultivate self-awareness, and work towards holistic body-mind-spirit wellness.

It can sometimes be hard to find the words or have the space to discuss and process life experiences, particularly if therapy or counseling is not seen as an acceptable part of your culture. I invite you to practice radical self-care by reaching out for support to begin or continue the lifelong process of healing and personal growth.

Please note that I am only able to offer sessions for folks located in California, USA.

Qualifications & Practice Details

License Number: AMFT113972

License State/Territory: CA

Insurance Plans: None

Prescribe Medication: No

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