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An individual should not only be helped to manage their symptoms but also led on their way towards self-actualization.

I am a clinical psychologist with 8 years of experience that includes working with adults, adolescents and children having issues ranging from depression, anxiety, personality disorder, substance use disorders and psychosis among adults to developmental, behavioral and emotional issues among children and teens. I assess, diagnose and provide intervention using evidence based tools and techniques. I conduct workshops for corporates and students on various topics such as mindfulness, stress management and study skills.

Expressing physical pain is accepted, empathized and talked about whereas mental pain isn’t. When spoken, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. A lot of people don’t know if what they are going through is real because they are being told “You’re OK” and “It will pass” by their loved ones. A lot more are in denial that it cannot happen to them because society has made it a stigma. The truth is that mental issues do not just pass. It needs attention and treatment like any other wound. It needs therapy. Our mind deserves constant love and care like our body. Maybe more.

My goal is to help clients realize their potential by assisting them to break their own labels or judgements and be their best self. I follow an integrated approach of therapy combining evidence based therapeutic techniques tailored to my client’s needs or diagnosis. I aim to equip them with techniques to reduce distress and improve quality of life. I will help my clients gain insight into patterns that sustain problems and then assist to replace these patterns with healthy ones. I believe that educating my clients on the science behind their problems and how therapeutic techniques address it, will empower them to work post therapy and reduce chances of relapse.

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